studiofede helps ambitious entrepreneurs to distill their ideas into clear visual concepts and translate them into coherent holistic designs.


About the name

“Fede è sustanza di cose sperate e argomento de le non parventi, e questa pare a me sua quiditate” -Divina Commedia, Dante

“Fede (faith, trust) is a way to feel our wishes, and to know what we do not see yet and this is for me its biggest quality” - Divine Comedy, Dante

About studiofede

studiofede is an independent creative studio operating in the field of architecture, interiors, concept development and visual identity.

studiofede helps creative entrepreneurs to distill their ideas into ambitious holistic designs.

Born and raised in Rome, Federica graduated as an architect in 2012 at the TU Delft and has since then been working in Amsterdam as a designer.

Federica is always been in love with architecture, but realized very soon that working on broader projects that also involved concept development, branding and visual identity brought even more insights and made her work more creative and holistic.

The result is that Federica can design beautiful buildings, make elegant interiors, conceive art installations, create strong visual identities, develop slick websites, and always help to shape ideas into clear concepts.

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