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DIY room

DIY room, Humanity House

Concept - Interior design

The DIY room is part of the permanent exhibition at the Humanity House in The Hague

Thankfully, most of us know about disasters and conflicts only from newspapers and TV. Such events occur elsewhere in the world, far away. In its museum, Humanity House brings them nearer. Visitors embark on a journey through the museum and see, hear and experience personally what it must feel like to have to survive in an area affected by conflict or disaster.

Being the last room of the museum’s discovery journey, the DIY room offers the visitor a hands on approach with suggestions of what they can do right now to help refugees in need.

The pavilion has a double skin. On the outside is a mirror, to make the visitor confront with her/himself at the end of the refugee journey and finally go back to reality and wonder what they can do to help. On the outside it offers a series of actions that the visitor can take to help refugees.