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Woodies at Berlin

Woodies at Berlin 

Visual identity

Woodies at Berlin, a beautiful encounter between a stylist and a ship’s craftsman, the one born with an eye for detail, the other with hands that can make anything. Woodies at Berlin not only designs, inspires, builds and styles ship interiors, but also initiates and develops innovative projects in Amsterdam North: The new sustainable NDSM harbour Kaap de Groene Hoop, the floating hotel Asile Flottant and the Crossboat at De Ceuvel.

When asked to design logos for their 4 main companies, I decided to create a family of symbols that with simple shapes each represent the essence of their specific business and together make a recognisable family.

These symbols are inspired by the idea of “mandala”, a spiritual and ritual image in Hinduism used to represent in visual form the core essence of the Universe.

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